Redefining Infrastructure

Our construction industry accounts for only about 4.5% of GDP.
This modest parameter indicates the sector is poised for accelerated growth.

# Project Description
1 Property Dev. at Badia, Orile, Lagos for EMEL Ltd. A water-logged property requiring:
  • Survey over inaccessible terrain.
  • Special foundation with brackish water resistance.
  • Reclamation, Soil filling and grading over 200,000 CuM.
  • Challenges in environment.
  • 2 Estate Infra. Dev. at Ikeja, GRA & at Lekki, Lagos for SAMTL Properties Ltd Properties with high water table and tight timelines:
  • Economic constraints leading to Value engneering on equipment deployment & filling.
  • Services planning to cut resources usage.
  • 3 Dredging/ Landfill and Infra. Dev. at Ibeju Lekki, Lagos for Ozone towers Ltd. Flood plain and proximity to Marine environment:
  • Environment impact and flood assessment.
  • Green project norms.
  • TPP Power plant of 2.5 MVA.
  • Water-logged structures.
  • 4 Infra. Dev. at Isolo, Lagos for Industrial Park cluster - Multiple Clients. M&E, Civil infra works for W/H and industrial buildings:
  • Special foundations.
  • Roads, Power, Water & drainage infra. networked across buildings.